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We, MICANSAN Tanker Treyler;
The general purpose of our quality policy; In line with our mission and vision, meet customer expectations and pleasure, becoming a global actor in the sector by using high standards and advanced systems in production.
In order to achieve this purpose, it is one of our basic principles to elaborate and develop innovative ideas and projects which based on continuous development, and to apply the data we have obtained in cooperation with R&D plans in the most effective way to our production processes.
Our main duties; Under no circumstances, not to compromise our mentality of quality and service, have complete customer satisfaction and by these means, it is to serve as a model in the best manner at national and international level.


For a healthy future, to eliminate the negative effects on the environment during all our activities, to take due precautions and to apply all the rules that must be followed in environmental safety according to the prevailing legislation are among our primary liability.
For this reason;
National and international laws and regulations regarding environmental policies and rules are complied with, and international recommendations are taken into account at the highest level.
Thus, by applying the "Environmental Management System", our production system and factories are periodically examined and audited.
In this direction, all our employees are regularly trained and they are made aware of the rules to be followed in the field of environmental policy.


We, MİCANSAN TANKER TRAILER, based on the slogan of "clean, healthy and high quality production" we have adopted, we active to create the necessary awareness about occupational health and safety in all our employees, including senior management. With this understanding, we direct our work, continuous improvement ourselves and take the following principles and rules as an example.
 Our company, which adopts the principle of "WORK SAFETY FIRST", undertakes to take all kinds of measures to eliminate occupational accidents and professional diseases completely.
No work is so urgent and important that it endangers the safety and health of people.
Occupational Health It is among our principles to measure the performance of the general management system and to work to increase this performance, to follow technological developments in Occupational Health and Safety and to direct our investments accordingly
With the awareness that the obligation to implement and enforce occupational health and safety rules and plans is a requirement of law, we undertake and declare that we comply with all legal requirements and ensure that each employee complies.