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Tanker & TrAILER CO. LTD

MiCANSAN has been established in 2004 LPG tanker and semi-trailer field with the aim of providing high quality and reliable products to the market by experienced staff.
Our company has a great experience in this market and one of the leading manufacturer of Turkey.
Our products are in great demand both domestic and international market.
Correspondingly, our customers and dealers in various countries is increasing year by year.
MİCANSAN manufactures its products according to the relevant standards of AD-2000 Merkblatt, EN 14025, EN 13445, ASME Section VIII, 2014/68 EU PED and ADR.
All phases of design and production are audited and certified by TUV AVUSTRIA TURK, the international supervisory authority.
Manufacturing can be done according to ASME standards based on the customer demands.

General Production Scope

Design and Installation Services

LPG Industrial Storage Tanks

LPG Bobtail Storage Tanks

LPG Storage Plants

LPG Bobtail Transport Tanks

Ammonia Semi-Trailer Transport Tanks

LPG Cylinder Filling Plants

Fuel Tanker Semi-Trailer

LPG Skid System

LPG Auto gas Filling Plants

• Our factories and offices have a total area of 22.500 m², with 15.000 m2 closed area.
• We are continuing our activities with a total of 40 employees, including engineers, technicians, qualified workers, office and management staff.
• We use only Turkish, European and American brands in our products.
• We do not use any kind of cheap and low-quality materials and parts.
• We also provide used products (second hand) when our customers demand.
• We offer design and installation services for LPG storage terminals and LPG cylinder filling plants, together with our professional and experienced partners.
• We do business with our perspicuous, reliable and quality production.
• Design and manufacture according to CE design, EN 13445 standards in accordance with the regulation of 2014/68 / EU (PED).
• Design and manufacture according to the standards of third party approved AD CODE 2000, ASME and EN 12542 with customer demand.
• The manufacturing and testing phases of our LPG Storage Tanks are being audited by TUV AUSTRIA, an internationally independent organization.
• All our tanks are subjected to the required tests and examinations (Radiographic - Ultrasonic - Inductor Fluid Control - Magnetic Particle Test - Hydrostatic Test and Final Assembly Sealing).
• Materials we have used (sheets - welding) are approved materials that have been subjected to mechanical testing and chemical analysis.
• Our EN ISO 3834 Welded Manufacturing Qualification Certificate is manufactured according to the WPS prepared in accordance with the approved WPQRs, approved by EN ISO 9606-1 and EN ISO 14732 certified skiers.
• We implement turn-key projects in the demand of customer request in accordance with the standards for LPG Storage Terminals

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